#4 Old Fashioned Sourdough Baking

Recreate Vintage Sourdough Baked Goods In Your Own Kitchen - Easy Step by Step Instruction.

This is the fourth course in a series of baking courses aimed at baking with a sourdough starter. In this course you will learn to bake old fashioned sourdough type of baked goods using not only a sourdough starter but also baking soda and baking powder. The breads we will be baking and griddling will be breads like the folks on the frontier would make including, corn bread, flapjacks, puff pancakes, waffles, scones, biscuits, skillet white sourdough, cinnamon rolls and even tortillas. It's a lot of fun to bake up these quick types of breads and they are great for breakfast and brunches or snacking.

  • Discover the flavors of old fashioned sourdough baking.
  • Griddle up some delicious flapjacks and buttery pancakes.
  • Bake a fluffy moist sourdough cornbread.
  • Butter up some hot off the griddle sourdough tortillas.
  • Whip up flaky hot sourdough biscuits in a hurry.
  • Bite into a loaf cornbread with a white butter crumb topping.
  • Bake a soft white sourdough skillet bread made with milk and butter.
  • Pull apart layers of butter, cinnamon and raisins in a warm iced cinnamon roll.
  • Bake a large puffy spiced pancake in a skillet.
  • Make your own sourdough starter from scratch.

Intended Audience: All Bakers

Hello, Let's Get Started!
Make Your Own Sourdough Starter
In the Past...
Baking and Sourdough Basics
Easy First Quiz
Hot Buttery Cornbread is a Favorite with Everyone!
Sourdough Cornbread Loaf - The Formula
Sourdough Cornbread Loaf -Mix the Wet Ingredients
Sourdough Cornbread Loaf - Mix the Dry Ingredients
Make Butter Crumb Topping
Finished Cornbread Loaf - with Butter Crumb Topping
Honey Butter - It's So Delicious! Let's Make Some!
Sourdough Honey Cornbread - The Formula
Sourdough Honey Cornbread - Mix the Wet Ingredients
Sourdough Honey Cornbread - Mix the Dry Ingredients
Sourdough Honey Cornbread - Pour and Bake
Sourdough Honey Cornbread - The Finished Bread/Cake
What have you learned so far?
Old Fashioned Sourdough Flapjack Formula
Old Fashioned Flapjacks - Mix the Batter
Old Fashioned Flapjacks - Griddle Time!
Sourdough German Puff Pancake - The Formula
Sourdough German Puff Pancake - Mix the Batter
Sourdough German Puff Pancake - Time to Bake
Sourdough German Puff Pancake - The Finished Pancake
Overnight Jacks - The Formula
Overnight Jacks - Mix the First Part of the Batter
Overnight Jacks - Mix the Second Part of the Batter
Griddle and Eat Your Overnight Jacks
Quick Bread Quiz
Fluffy Sourdough Biscuits Formula
Fluffy Sourdough Biscuits - Mix - Shape and Bake
In a Hurry Scones/Biscuits Formula
Mix up the Dry Ingredients for Hurry Scones/Biscuits
Next Comes the Wet Ingredients - Hurry Scones/Biscuits
Time to Bring the Dough Together - Hurry Scones/Biscuits
Let's Shape Up Some Scones/Biscuits Quickly!
See the Finished Scones/Biscuits, Baked in a Hurry.
Quiz about Biscuits/Scones
Old Fashioned White Skillet Bread - Formula
Old Fashioned White Skillet Bread - Mix the Dough
Old Fashioned White Skillet Bread - Fold the Dough
Old Fashioned White Skillet Bread - Shape Dough
My Baking Set Up - Skillet and Steam Cover
Old Fashioned White Skillet Bread - Score the Dough
Old Fashioned White Skillet Bread - Baking Time!
Old Fashioned White Skillet Bread - Finished Loaf! Yum!
Can You Answer These Questions?
Sourdough Tortillas - The Formula
Sourdough Tortillas - Mix the Dough
Sourdough Tortillas - Let's Talk about the Dough.
Sourdough Tortillas - Bulk Ferment and First Shaping of the Dough.
Sourdough Tortillas - Time to Roll Out Dough
Let's Pre-Shape the Rest of the Dough
Time to Finish Up Rolling Out the Tortillas
Time to Griddle the Tortillas!
The Finished Tortillas - YUM!
Flat Bread Quiz
Cinnamon Roll Formula
Cinnamon Rolls - Roll Out the Dough
Cinnamon Rolls - Shape the Rolls
Cinnamon Rolls - Proof and Bake
Cinnamon Rolls - The Finished Rolls
Cinnamon Roll Quiz
File Download Section
Completion and Goodbye!
Bonus - Links and Resources

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